Singing Lessons

Why do you only teach adult voices?
I believe that the teaching of young voices is a specialised area and needs great care – it is not my area of experience or expertise.

Do you teach all voice types?
Yes! I am a tenor myself, but have many years’ experience in teaching all voice types.

I want to sing rock music – is your technique suitable for that?
Yes! I will give you a solid technical foundation on which you can base singing in any style.

Will you play the piano for my lessons?
No, I am not a pianist – but I am happy for you to arrange to bring one to your lessons, when the need arises.

Can I get a discount for payment in advance?
Yes! If you pay for nine lessons in advance (£360), you will get the tenth free.

Lessons with Philip are always encouraging and increase confidence. He explains very clearly, with appropriate exercises but without complicated jargon, how the vocal apparatus works, how to avoid bad habits and makes it all very natural and enjoyable.

DN (London)