Intensive Courses

What are Intensive courses useful for?

  • Individually tailored for either one or two students
  • Focused on repertoire, technique, or both
  • Ideal as a singing holiday
  • Vocal Reconstruction a speciality

Intensive courses are a great way of making a lot of progress in a short time. These courses generally last a week, and consist of 15 hours of specially-tailored tuition. We can look at one or more aspects of technique, or we can concentrate on preparing specific repertoire – or a bit of both. Or why not arrange a course for yourself and a friend, and sit in on each other’s sessions? It’s amazing how much you can learn by witnessing the solution to someone else’s vocal challenges!

If you’re an experienced singer and have developed technical problems, Philip can help you to find practical and long-lasting solutions.

Tuition will be given in a course of lessons held over 5 days. The course consists of 10 lessons, each lesson to last 85 minutes, one lesson in the morning and one in the afternoon over 5 consecutive days (Monday to Friday of a single week).

Lessons with Philip are always encouraging and increase confidence. He explains very clearly, with appropriate exercises but without complicated jargon, how the vocal apparatus works, how to avoid bad habits and makes it all very natural and enjoyable.

DN (London)