Philip has performed in both opera and oratorio, in over 20 years as a professional tenor.  In this time, his operatic work has taken him around the UK, and to France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Japan.  His first love, however, was and is for the English, French, German and Italian art song.

Philip’s current performance work is in this repertoire, and he organises and performs (with pianist Christopher Gould) in a regular Song Recital series.  In recent years, they have specialised in a form of performance which one might call the Song Recital Plus, adding another dimension to the audience experience by including dramatic tableaux (From Lamplight to Limelight, 2007), readings (The Passing Preciousness of Dreams, 2009), and photographic images (Tears and Ice, 2010).  In October 2011, they performed (along with soprano Laure Meloy) an exploration of settings of the poems of Paul Verlaine: Exquisite Decadence – Verlaine’s Absinthe-Tinted Songs.

On 10th October 2015 they reprised the very successful Tears and Ice – an illustrated performance of Schubert’s Winterreise – taking advantage of the significantly enhanced facilities at the St Gregory’s Centre in Canterbury.  A retiring collection was taken after the concert, with the money raised shared between Pilgrims Hospices and the Alzheimer’s Society.

You can view a clip of one of my favourite songs from Winterreise, Die Nebensonnen, below

Die Nebensonnen from Philip EVE on Vimeo.


The control of both range and power that I am discovering with Philip is allowing me to begin to interpret my repertoire in a way that is more authentically ‘me’, than ever before.

PB (New York)